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Library Futures Task-force Report

Friday, March 10th, 2017

The first meeting of the Library Futures Task-force was mostly information from the County dispelling rumors, outlining the path to donating the branch computers to the cities and discussing the new Inter Governmental Agreement, IGAs. It was agreed that we would meet once each week and that each member would be responsible to informing and and answering questions from his group.

Dispelling Rumors  County Commissioner, Gary Leif, explained that the County did not plan to empty the libraries and sell the books and other materials, sell or rent the Roseburg library, or did the County have any other plans to dismantle the library collection at any of the system's branches. He explained that all action was suspended while the Futures Task-force explores solutions for saving the library system.

Branch Computers The Director of the County IT department explained why the computers could not be donated to the branches "as is."  Because the machines contain proprietary software, County software purchased with contracted agreements, and the computers offered paths that threaten the County's system security the computers hard drives would need to be wiped. Replacing the needed software on the wiped computers would most likely be more expensive than replacing them with new machines that already contain the basic software. The monitors could still be used.

Inter Governmental Agreement, IGAs There was a great deal of discussion among the 11 cities at the meeting about the new IGAs. The intent of the IGAs was for the cities to agree to either close their libraries keeping the library materials in place, heated, secure and inventoried or to open them as "reading rooms" using volunteers. The reading rooms would not have computer WiFi unless the cities paid for access and organizing the volunteers would be up to a "Friends of the Library" group in each town. If you would like to volunteer for one of these groups, contact Gary Leif,  <>.

The agenda for the next meeting on  Friday, March 17th: Commissioner Leif will invite presenters from, ESD, Oregon Solutions, and Library Systems & Services (LSSI). 


DC Library in the News


ESD offers to move in, help run Douglas County library

Douglas Education Service District wants to move into the Douglas County Library’s Roseburg branch, and help keep it open.

ESD Superintendent Michael Lasher proposed the move Friday at an Oregon Community Foundation meeting on library funding options.

Lasher said ESD would become an “anchor tenant,” and ESD employees would be able to maintain some of the most important library services in Roseburg.

“We’re not interested in single-handedly solving the funding for the library system, but we’d like to do our part,” Lasher said in a January video to ESD staff about the proposed move. “We just want to be part of the solution to preserving libraries in Douglas County.”

ESD would be able to keep the library doors open during its operational hours, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. It could organize a professional and volunteer base to operate the library during those hours and maybe other hours as well. And it could become the fiscal agent that seeks outside funding from foundations and other public entities to operate a revitalized library system. It could also serve as a hub for city-run branches in the smaller towns.

In his proposal, Lasher wrote that many have said the vote rejecting a library district was the “canary in the coal mine for the future of the county.”

The ESD, he wrote, is especially concerned about the potential damage of library closure to education in the county. And it’s particularly concerned with the loss of children’s literacy initiatives and parent-children reading groups.

“Our board is supportive of Douglas ESD stepping forward to help preserve library services,” Lasher wrote.

The ESD has 200 employees in Douglas and Jackson counties. It provides services like I-T, curriculum, professional development, special education and administrative services to 13 Douglas County school districts. The ESD is currently considering relocation or renovation of its current office at 1871 N.E. Stephens St., and if its proposal is accepted, the library building could be its new home.



Timber dollars not enough for library, says commissioner

Two foam display boards outlining the Douglas County general fund and timber revenues were on display at the Douglas County commissioners meeting Wednesday.

The displays were part of Commissioner Chris Boice’s message that the county’s timber payments from the federal government were less than they were a year ago. Boice said he made the charts for the “sole purpose” of showing the public that the timber revenues were not enough to cover additional county services like a library. 


What's next for the Reedsport Library?

REEDSPORT — Rayna Grubb, who with husband Sean has lived here more than 15 years, is an active volunteer at the Reedsport Branch Library. Yet now the future of this building — a center of learning and research for many here — remains uncertain.


Sutherlin councilors sworn in

As for the library, Sutherlin opted out of putting a Douglas County Library taxing district on its voters’ ballots. County voters, meanwhile, voted against creating a district, which would have funded the county library system. Now the county is struggling to find a means of funding its library system. That has left cities wondering if there will be a county-wide library system any longer.

“We need a library in Sutherlin,” Stone said. “We just need to figure out how to fund it. Property owners don’t want to pay for the whole deal. It will have to be something along the lines of a user fee.”

“I know it’s good to have a local library in your own community, but for the cost, it’s an expensive thing to have,” he added. “There are so many other things we need to move forward with.”


Douglas County libraries slated to close April 1

Ten branches with the Douglas County Library system will close on April 1 this year.

That was the conclusion Douglas County commissioners reached prior to a library staff meeting Monday. The announcement was first made at the staff meeting.


Library meeting draws a crowd

It was once again standing room only Tuesday as about 200 people crammed into the Ford Room of the Douglas County Library in Roseburg for the second of two town hall meetings on the future of the library.

There were tears from a Glide teacher who said she “just can’t believe people failed” a library district measure earlier this month, and cheers for the father of a home-schooled girl who raised money for the library through a bake sale.

Most of the discussion Tuesday focused on proposals for keeping the county libraries open.  Read NR article

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How Douglas County Libraries Improve Our Communities

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